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Helping Kids Make Good Gifts!

Treating Back to School Jitters!




Treating Back to School Jitters!

Leslie Torres

Relieve your child’s back to school jitters by turning the big day into a celebration!

In some European countries, parents give their child a Schultüte (pronounced shool-too-tuh) meaning "school cone" in German. It is filled with candy and school supplies to sooth the child’s nerves.

Legend has it that a special tree grows in every teacher's garden and once the tree is "ripe" (the candy cones matured), it is time to start school. 

At Good Makery we model our packaging after this darling tradition. You can make one last summer memory with your child by bringing them in to make a gift for themselves such as a personalized “Good Luck Charm” for back to school or magnet to hang up their “A” papers.

Finish filling the giant Schultüte with candy and school supplies that you child will love.

Make your appointment by calling or texting 614.563.7321. 1250 Grandview Avenue, Grandview Heights, OH 43212