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Helping Kids Make Good Gifts!




Treating Back to School Jitters!

Leslie Torres

Relieve your child’s back to school jitters by turning the big day into a celebration!

In some European countries, parents give their child a Schultüte (pronounced shool-too-tuh) meaning "school cone" in German. It is filled with candy and school supplies to sooth the child’s nerves.

Legend has it that a special tree grows in every teacher's garden and once the tree is "ripe" (the candy cones matured), it is time to start school. 

At Good Makery we model our packaging after this darling tradition. You can make one last summer memory with your child by bringing them in to make a gift for themselves such as a personalized “Good Luck Charm” for back to school or magnet to hang up their “A” papers.

Finish filling the giant Schultüte with candy and school supplies that you child will love.

Make your appointment by calling or texting 614.563.7321. 1250 Grandview Avenue, Grandview Heights, OH 43212

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt with Good Makery

Leslie Torres

One of the greatest things about spring is seeing the flowers bloom and trees grow new leaves. The rejuvenation that spring brings can be felt all over the city and we are certainly feeling it at our shop! At Good Makery we want you to feel good about the gifts you give and receive, and know that it comes from an environmentally conscious company.

In our shop we have many different gifts that can be engraved upon. Some of these options include our sustainable wood journals, wood tie bars, and wooden pet tags. One of the best things about these items are that they come from local, eco-friendly, sustainable companies. For instance our items that come from the company Woodchuck USA. For every item we buy from them, Woodchuck USA plants a new tree. This is called their “Buy one, Plant one” program. Another example is our Bearded Woodcraft items that come from fallen trees in Hocking Hills, Ohio. We choose to buy locally sourced items made in the U.S. from companies who care about the environment and preserving our Earth. We think this makes gift giving feel that much better!

Join us for a Seed Packet Scavenger Hunt this week! Good Makery is hiding packets of seeds around Columbus’s parks with a percentage off to our store! Find one and bring it in to make gifts {with a discount} and plant the seeds with your kids at home! We will be posting live through our Instagram and Facebook pages (@GoodMakery) this week. Tag us on social media if you find our seeds!

Memorable Moments of Year One

Leslie Torres

Good Makery just recently celebrated its one year anniversary. And, in the personalization business, there are moments that take your breath away. Call me sentimental, but I have had a few reasons to tear up over the past year.

Yes we usually engrave kid’s scribbles, doodles and handwriting, but every once and a while, the gift that comes from it is extra special. Here are the moments that stand out to me:

  • The Wallet Insert for a New Dad. A new mom visted the shop looking for her husband’s first Father’s Day gift. The little one “helped” mom by adding a few dots and lines to a nice message. What’s great about this story is a friend of mine happened to hear about this gift and say “hey, that’s my friend’s store” and the feedback she collected for me is that dad said “This is THE BEST GIFT I’ve ever received and I’m going to KEEP IT FOREVER.” It truly was a full circle moment for me. After hearing this story I knew I had achieved my purpose in life.
  • The Family with an Empty Feeling. A customer’s neighbor had lost their little boy to cancer. She found a paper that had both their names on it and we used it to make 3 bracelets, one for mom, dad, and the boy’s brother – with the boys’ handwriting. Good Makery was honored to be a part of their grieving and remembering.
  • The Ornament remembering Dad. After her father passed away, a customer ordered an ornament for herself, her mom, and her siblings with a simple message that her dad had wrote in his handwriting. They were beautiful, meaningful and brought us to tears.
  • The Tie Clip for New Dad. He must be doing something right to get such a nice gift on his wedding day from the daughter of the woman he is marrying. I adore this tie clip {pictured} and the family.

There have been so many moments, but these stand out as most memorable my first year. Some people don’t know that we capture the handwriting of those who cannot travel to Grandview, Ohio, or who are no longer with us. By helping others create sentimental gifts, grieve, and remember loved ones, I myself and able to grieve the loss of my mother. Good Makery is the ultimate healing process for me. I’m very grateful for everyone who supported Good Makery over the past year.

Leslie Koch